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The Girt Dog of Langport

A3 poster map

Meet Langport's oldest resident !  How long has he been there ?

Look for his head and nose first, to the left of the image.

Burrow Mump forms his nose so perfectly !

Find the place names that correspond, Ear lake, Head Rhyne, Middle Moor and Wagg.

Cur is the mediaeval word for a fierce dog. Curland ? Curry Rivel ? Curload ?  etc

People still sing the Wassail song about The Girt Dog who had his tail burnt.

A reference to the Vikings burning Langport at the dog's tail ?


(Image is much lower resolution than real product )

Technical bits;   The Girt Dog is printed on thick, poster quality paper, sized A3 (420x300mm)

Unframed, delivered rolled in cardboard postal tube. Available framed on request.

Price  £5  each, excluding postage/delivery etc

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